ZM-R7850A Smart Optical BGA Rework Station

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R7850A is een automatische herverwerkingsapparatuur voor optische uitlijning, multifunctionele bedieningsfuncties, handige temperatuurinstelling en opslag, bodemverwarmingssysteem, rookzuiveringssysteem, high-definition optische uitlijningsmodule.

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General Specifications

Power Supply AC380V±10% 50/60HZ
Power 9.85KW(Max),Top heater(1.45KW)
Bottom heater (1.2KW),IR Preheater (6.6KW),
PCB Size 635*520mm(Max);6*6mm(Min)
BGA Chip Size 80*80mm(Max);2*2mm(Min)
IR Heater Size 565*435mm
Motion Control X/Y/Z
Temperature Sensor 5 pcs
Control System Industrial PC+ Motion control system
Display System 15" HD industrial display ( 1080P 16:9)+18.5" SD display
Alignment System 2 Million Pixel HD digital imaging system, automatic optical zoom with laser red-dot indicator
Vacuum Adsorption Automatic
Alignment Accuracy ±0.01mm
Temperature Control K-type thermocouple closed-loop control with accuracy up to ±1℃
Feeding Device Yes
Positioning V-groove with universal fixture (shaped fixture can be customized)
Dimensions L835*W960*H1640mm
Weight 218.5KG